10 Signs He Might Be Cheating on You

Explore the telltale signs of infidelity with our guide on the 10 signs that your partner might be cheating on you.

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Unexpected Schedule Changes

Sudden, unexplained changes in his schedule may suggest secretive behavior.

Increased Privacy

Becoming overly protective of his phone or computer can be a warning sign.

Decreased Intimacy

A noticeable decline in emotional and physical closeness may indicate trouble.

Unexplained Expenses

Mysterious receipts or charges could point to secret rendezvous.

Frequent Absences

More "work" or "friend" time without clear explanations could raise suspicions.

Changes in Appearance

An unexpected effort to dress better or alter appearance might be a clue.

Unusual Phone Activity

Constant texting or calls at odd hours could signal something is off.

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Defensive Behavior

Getting defensive or upset when asked about his whereabouts can be a red flag.

Avoiding Future Plans

Reluctance to discuss future together could be a warning sign.

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