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Non-stop Smiling

"They can't help but smile whenever you're around. Is it just friendliness or something more?"

Eye Contact

"Locking eyes often? Prolonged eye contact can signal deep interest."

Leans In Close

"They lean in when you speak, showing they value every word."

Frequent Texts

"Regular messages for no specific reason indicate you're on their mind."

Names Your Interests

"They remember and bring up your likes and hobbies in conversations."

Playful Teasing

"Gentle teasing might be their way of flirting with you."

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Mimics Your Actions

"Subconsciously copying your gestures can signify attraction."

Plans Future Hangouts

"They're keen on making plans with you, signaling a desire to spend more time together."

Compliments Galore

"They often compliment you, perhaps more than what friends do."

Goes Extra Mile

"They do thoughtful things for you, showing they genuinely care."

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