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Understanding Your Moon Phase

Learn how the phase of the moon at your birth influences your emotions, behaviors, and life choices. The moon's position has a profound impact on your personality.

New Moon: The Visionary

Born under the New Moon, you are a pioneer and initiator. You are enthusiastic about starting new projects and blaze trails where others fear to tread.

First Quarter Moon: The Challenger

Individuals born during the First Quarter Moon are action-oriented and ready to overcome any challenge. You are determined and face obstacles head-on.

Full Moon: The Illuminator

Those born under the Full Moon are natural-born leaders with a great understanding of others’ emotions. You are expressive and can easily influence those around you.

Last Quarter Moon: The Reflective

If you were born during the Last Quarter Moon, you possess a contemplative and introspective nature. You often rethink life's events and focus on personal growth.

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