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Discover your perfect soulmate based on your Enneagram type with our comprehensive quiz. Imagine a journey where your personality guides you to your ideal partner. Our soulmate quiz, rooted in the Enneagram system, offers exactly that. The Enneagram, with its nine distinct personality types, reveals the deep motivations and behaviors that shape who you are.

The Soulmate Sketcher

Unveil Your True Self

Start with a quick test to identify your most likely soul type. This initial step is swift and insightful, laying the foundation for deeper exploration.

Dive Deeper Into Your Soul Type

Once you have an idea of your soul type, confirm it with our in-depth quiz. This thorough analysis ensures a profound understanding of your personality.

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Explore Compatibility

Each soul type has unique compatibility traits. Our detailed guide will show how different types harmonize in relationships, helping you identify your ideal match.

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Soul Type 1: The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist seeks harmony and growth. Their ideal partner shares values of integrity and improvement, creating a relationship based on mutual respect.

Soul Type 2: The Helper

The Helper is nurturing and empathetic. They thrive with partners who value their support and reciprocate with love and care.

Soul Type 3: The Achiever

The Achiever seeks recognition and success. Their perfect match celebrates their accomplishments and shares their ambitious drive.

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Soul Type 4: The Individualist

The Individualist values authenticity and depth. Their soulmate appreciates their emotional richness and offers genuine connection.

Soul Type 5: The Investigator

The Investigator cherishes knowledge and independence. Their ideal partner respects their need for space and intellectual engagement.

Take the First Step

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